"The woman has a wife."

Translation:Femina uxorem habet.

August 28, 2019

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Habetne quoque vir maritum?

August 28, 2019


Ita, est quoque maritus qui maritum habet :)

August 29, 2019


How do you say "The woman is a wife"?

August 30, 2019


Femina uxor est. I think. :)

August 30, 2019


Why are all these comments being deleted? This sentence may be contriversial, but we should be able to discuss it.

September 11, 2019


Hate speech is going to be deleted.

Questions about grammar are welcome.

September 11, 2019


Further to Danielconcasco's remark, the sentence discussions are for getting help with the grammar, structure, vocabulary, etc. of the sentence, to aid in language learning.

Broader topics belong in the discussion forums, and should be at least tangentially related to language and culture. For example, the role of language in promoting ideology, or how language morphs to reflect the mores of a society.

September 13, 2019


See I genuinely love all of the queer sentences! But are noin declensions in Latin gender-locked? I've noticed all the -a words seem to be feminine only.

September 12, 2019


1st - F, with a very few M

2nd - M & N, with very few F

3rd - a mixed bag of M F N

4th - mostly M, a few N

5th - almost all F, one M I can think of.

That's an over simplification I use for my students.

September 12, 2019
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