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How is Hindi as a language?

Hey Hindi gang, this is my second day here, and I have a quick question about the language.

Romance languages and Germanic languages, I've noticed, are a little bit of grammar, and then you load up on the vocabulary.

Slavic languages, on the contrary, are much more grammar based, and it takes forever to get to the vocab.

So with Hindi, which of these is it? Is there some crazy grammar with Hindi, or a case system? How is the language itself?

August 28, 2019



Hindi language is the member of the Indo-Aryan group within the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family.

Sanskrit and the Prakrit and Apabhramsha languages—the precursors of Hindi—are nominally and verbally inflected. In the nominal realm, the adjective agrees in number and gender with the noun that it qualifies. This is less the case for Hindi because it was greatly influenced by Persian, in which the adjective does not change as a result of a number change in the noun. Instead, Hindi indicates number agreement via postpositions—small words that appear after nouns and function much like English prepositions. Hindi has also reduced the number of genders to two (masculine and feminine). Persian influence also caused the Hindi system of case marking to become simpler, reducing it to a direct form and an oblique form.

Hindi has borrowed many Persian and Arabic words. Contact with the English language has also enriched Hindi. Many English words, such as button, pencil, petrol, and college are fully assimilated in the Hindi lexicon.

Although Hindi pronunciation can be difficult for native English speakers because it requires a more flexible tongue and many of the differences between words are so subtle it is way too easy for a new learner to stick their foot in their mouth by saying the wrong thing! And another feature that can throw English speakers off is that Hindi is an SOV (subject, object, verb) language as opposed to English’s SVO way of speaking. It can take a lot of getting used to learning to say: ‘I the ball picked up’ as opposed to ‘I picked up the ball.’

But inspite of that it isn't impossible to learn it. Hindi has incorporated numerous English words into the language over time. In modern India, your average middle-class person can usually speak English (although most still prefer Hindi) and there’s a tendency to mix a little English into a lot of conversations. What’s great about this is that it makes comprehension a much easier task when you’re trying to learn Hindi. If you develop a solid beginner’s lexicon of Hindi words, you’ll be able to understand what people are saying, or at least the context, by using what you know in Hindi and paying attention to the English words they’re using. Of course, when it comes to speaking you may not have such an easy time, but as with any language the more practice you put in, the easier the process gets.


yes bro hindi is not a difficult language . if you want to learn hindi you may read articles of this website https://www.jankarinews.com it is a hindi news website


Thank you for your advice.

I am not sure if you have experience with Russian, but would you say that Hindi is easier? I want to learn either one, and realized Hindi might be easier without the case system. Do you think it's easier than a language like Russian?


Neither one is going to be easy. Hindi grammar, at least from my limited exposure, seems simpler than Russian grammar (still pretty different from English grammar, though) but it feels like the English tongue wraps around Russian more easily than it does Hindi.


About Hindi language I have already mentioned the pros in the last paragraph of my previous comment. Now coming to Russian it is not hard at all. Its a language with syntax and which follow rules of grammar unlike English, Russian has less rules and even lesser exceptions.

Just get a hang of grammar then it will be like a child's play and you'll enjoy.

But for an English speaker both Hindi & Russian will take same amount of time to learn.


Priyanka.sriv, I'm sorry that I don't understand what you mean about this one thing, are you saying that Hindi gets easier, or Russian?


I meant that if you overlook the pronunciation part of Hindi language you'll find it easier to learn as compared to Russian. Written part can be a problem but who cares when you can understand and communicate with others easily. :)


Oh okay thanks. I'm really liking it so far!


It's beautiful and quite simple once you get the hang of it. I find you learn about the same amount in this course.


Learn the same amount in this course as what?

And you seem to be doing Russian right now too. It's not as good as your Hindi, but which one seems easier to you?


Hindi is quite easy as you get the hang of it. I am on 36 crown level and it is quite easy.


It's very different to SAE languages. The people who managed to place it as related to the European languages were geniuses!

There's a comparison of difficulty of different languages chart that puts Hindi as about equivalent in difficulty to Russian, but about twice as hard as Spanish, French and German (even though it isn't on the chart I'd put it in the 'easy' category).

I haven't come across grammar that's too crazy yet, but the Duolingo tree is quite short - I haven't seen any sign of subordinate clauses (nor do I have any idea how you would construct them) and I'm almost at the end of the course.


How is your skill in Hindi right now? Do you think you could maintain a conversation, write in it well, and do you have any other resources you use?


Nah, I'm not doing it that seriously though. I'm not using any other resources - just doing a little Duolingo each day before work. I don't think I could maintain much of a conversation (but I've never tried), as I said the current course is really quite short. I can write a little but I struggle. I was at an Indian restaurant a month ago and they had a page in Hindi on the menu and I was surprised by how much I could pick out though!


That chart is fascinating but like...I've been studying spanish for...years and while I even do my work in spanish, it's very much a second language. What is this 23-24 week proficiency rating... what are they counting as proficient?!


Hello ! Hindi is like a european language, a bit like german for the construction with the verb at the end. The language can be learn quickly, but for my part I don't find the grammar too difficult. On the same level than spanich. Some constructions are different minded than my own language, but that's it.

Have fun ! And watch tons of films, it does help !


Hindi gang, woot.

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