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  5. "Domi estis."

"Domi estis."

Translation:You are at home.

August 28, 2019



The "all" wasn't necesary with "studetis" and "sacrificatis", so please don't make it mandatory here.

Eta: The translation here in the comments is exactly what I wrote and my answer got marked wrong. So either it was already changed, or it's something that still needs looking into. ;)


The all wasn't required when I did it. It might have been a glitch for you (or another contributor caught it that quickly).

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It's still insisting on all for me. Also it is insisting on "You all are at home" and not accepting "You are all at home" which I've reported as an alternative translation.


Same, and 'you all are . . .' is pretty specific kind of colloquial syntax? At least I never order it like that as a UK speaker.


What case is 'domi', genitive or locative?


Is it a toilet sound at the beginning of record???))))

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