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"Pictor vates et aras in pictura pingit."

Translation:The painter paints seers and altars in a picture.

August 28, 2019



Told me the correct answer was the painter paints bards in a picture which does not include et aras (and altars). Yet the correct translation with and altars is in the discussion. Weird error or something?


I reported it. Errors need to be reported and not just left in the comments which the Duolingo staff reads much later.


The comments are not here to be read by Duolingo staff.
The comments are here for the users to ask question to other users, or to reply to other users. It's an users forum, not the staff forum.

They come sometimes, but cannot spend their time to check this forum, and recheck it, and re-recheck it. So they invented the report form, that sends them directly a message to their mailbox, and they could treat reports in a queue.

So, please, don't report errors on the forum, it's useless.
It's good only to warn other users about bugs. (or asking something about the grammar)

How can we report it? The report provides flags only for audio bugs and mistakes in the latin sentence. Here the vocabulary is wrong."

Here it's "mistakes in the Latin sentence".

When there's no option to report, generally: take a screenshot (it's better to prove absolutely, being sure you didn't make a typo for instance), and post on the Troubleshouting forum. It will be noticed by the staff, an avoid too many messages about bugs in this forum, leaving it grammar and question-focused).


We're aware of the error in this sentence (it was missing "and altars"), and we've already updated it on our side, but it usually takes a few days before the update makes its way through the system and is reflected on the user side. We appreciate everyone's patience while the update goes through.


Thank you! I just got this item and your update has gone through perfectly as of Sept. 4.


I see all my fellow Duolingo super-users are out in full force on Day One. Esto perpetua!


"Esto perpetua", Latin expression "Let it be perpetual".


Shouldn't it be "vatem et aram"?


'Seers and altars' is plural hence the usage of vates et aras (the accusative plural of both) in the Latin.

Vatem et aram (accusative singular of both) would be 'a seer and an altar'.

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