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  5. "Feminae impiae sunt in foro."

"Feminae impiae sunt in foro."

Translation:The undutiful women are in the forum.

August 28, 2019



FYI: We are already aware of the typo in "undutiful" and have fixed it on our side, but it sometimes takes a few days before the changes are reflected on the user side in lessons. Apologies for the inconvenience until the updates are reflected for users!


I can't report it, but the solution has a typo : undutifu, instead of undutiful. (Not here, but in the exercise itself)

Also I would like it if disloyal could be added as meaning.


You beat me to it. Thanks!

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I came here to say the same thing. Their reporting function really needs an "other" option.


Yes, but it should be mentioned in the troubleshouting forum, to be discussed and treated.


If you want "disloyal" to be added (it seems good, as there's also an idea to be disloyal toward one's duty), simply report it via the report button.


This guy's pronunciation really drives me nuts. He seems quit frequently to "echo" the final syllable of one word in the first syllable of the next. Here he seem to me to be saying like, Feminae ai impiae.


I thought I heard an extra syllable there, as well. And for that reason, couldn't distinguish the second word, and couldn't transcribe the sentence.


Yes. I heard "fay-meen-eye-ee im-pee-eye-ee."


+1 to this. I'm pretty sure dipthongs (ae = eye) are pronounced as a single syllable, but this audio is pronouncing them as separate distinct syllables (a-e = ah ay).

I reported the audio as not sounding correct. Others should as well if this isn't accurate.

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Yes, I was wondering if he could possibly be talking about olympiae. It needs to be cleaner.


He is pronouncing each vowel separately. Who knows if he is correct? It was 2000 years ago after all.


I used the hover hints are wrong option to report the spelling mistake on the tile, since there was no suitable option.

I also agree with Uluare that 'disloyal' would be a good addition.

Thank you Contributors :o)


Undutiful isn't a word in common usage. It needs to accept disrespectful to be practical. To be clear: I'm typing it. Basically, any word it says is acceptable needs to be acceptable.


"Any word it says is acceptable needs to be acceptable".
Err... no.
The context is important, you can't accept every synonyms for a word of the dictionary in any sentence. It would be a big nonsense.

But here, please, just report. (Use the report button rather than the forum)


Personally I prefer to use "wicked women" instead of undutiful.


I wrote "The disrespectful women are in the market"

market in stead of forum has always been allowed throughout the course. and in the previous five or so sentences disrespectful was allowed in stead of unditiful. I'm reporting it, but can someone tell me if should be accepted or for some reason disrespectful is absolutely not an option here?


There are no reasons, use the report button.


Undutiful woman on the forum? Do you say this for me?


"In the market" should be accepted here for consistency with previous modules.


Please, use the report feature, it's the only way to add new translations: the report button.


Today on "Real Housewives of Constantinople"


Hey, this isn't the Greek course! ;-)


Cōnstantīnopolis was Roman! The 2nd Rome.
The capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine)


Ego enim sum senex! Never have I ever heard the word "undutiful". Maybe there should be more native English speakers contributing to Duolingo or at least proofreading material before it is included in lessons.


Maybe it depends on the version of English? It’s not common but I certainly hear it now and then.

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