"Ela já decidiu."

Translation:She already decided.

April 19, 2013

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perfect tense would fit better

[deactivated user]

    She has already decided. BrE/AmE.

    She already decided. (adverbs "already, yet, & just" allow use of simple past in AmE as an exception)


    Yeah, the perfect has an implication of a something happening before an event and usually when we use already there is the same idea. But it's not wrong this way, so I guess they do it as the perfect tense has not been taught in the target language yet.


    In Portuguese, could this also mean "She decided immediately" ?

    Earlier, "já" was given as a possible solution for a sentence with "immediately" in English. I'm not sure but I think it was something like "Venha cá já !".

    So maybe in this order : "Ela decidiu já" ? Or "já" as "at once, right now" can only be used with imperatives (kinda like in English, e.g. "Stop it already !")


    [deactivated user]

      já-já -> agora mesmo

      Volto já já. => I'll be right back.


      Obrigado pela nova informação. :)


      how about she had already decided??


      = Ela já tinha/havia decidido.

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