With an egg

or even (sorry ladies) "with a bol.lock", when you add a rude, unfriendly pitch – that's the way a Pole is going to understand the phrase ja jem (I am eating) pronounced in Duolingo way. The same with ty jesz (you are eating) sounding like "you are putting on weight". Why? Disastrous stresses. That's not the only serious error: the word kot (a cat) is pronounced kod (code), generally endings are voiced by DL speakers (Ivona?) , although they are naturally voiceless in standard Polish pronunciation. Some vowels are unnecessarily long (zuuupa) – there are no long vowels in Polish. A bit of advice: do not learn Polish pronunciation from DL...

YOU'LL NOT FIND THIS ON DUOLINGO: The word jajo means an egg, but also a certain part of a male body (easy to guess....) For that reason, to describe an egg, Poles use more often its diminutive jajko – highly recommended when you use Polish as a foreigner.

August 28, 2019


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