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  5. "Agricolae agros numerant."

"Agricolae agros numerant."

Translation:The farmers count the fields.

August 28, 2019



Isn't singular farmer just colonus, why would plural be agricolae? just asking.


The singular "farmer" is "agricola".
https://www.duolingo.com/skill/la/Work/tips-and-notes :

First Declension (Masculine Nouns)

Most first declension nouns are feminine, but there are several masculine words! These few words generally refer to male people.

It is a masculine word, but forms a plural and is inclined just like feminine words ending in "-a".


Wow, farming is way more boring than I ever gave it credit for being.


Why did. The chicken cross therod to. Get. To the bord. Hahahahahhhhhhaaasssssshhha


Mr. Farmer let me watch your crops Mr. Farmer let me water your crops Mr. Farmer let me harvest your crops I want to have a dream come true I said a farmer, farmer, farmer I want to be just like you

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