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"Why is there a radish in my spaghetti?"

Translation:Mengapa ada lobak di spageti saya.

August 28, 2019



Yes the root is "Apa" which is an interrogative pronoun. Mengapa is the formal version of "Why" and the slightly less formal and commonly heard version is "Kenapa" = why. From there it goes downhill quickly and you get a lot of really colloquial versions of it depending on what neighborhood of Jakarta you are in. Stuff like "Ngapa" "Gapaah" and my personal favorite "Ngapain apa" (what are you doing? very colloquial)


I would hesitant to call "apa" an interrogative pronoun. That's not all it is (or can be), but when paired with the right intonation, you're absolutely correct.

I also appreciated your explanation of the local variations of "apa." That's very helpful information.


I said: Kenapa spagetiku dengan lobak? They marked it wrong.


I think they are looking for the "ada" component, I wonder if "Kenapa spagetiku (itu/ini) berlobak?" would be right. Stylistically I think your "Why is my spaghetti with radish?" while accurate is a little awkward sounding.

In this question they are looking for "presence/absence" & "location" which really requires "ada" and "di", to express why there "is" something "in" something else. Versus "dengan" "with".


I wrote "Mengapa ada sebuah lobak di spageti saya?" Seriously confused about how my answer could be wrong. Reported.

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