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Latin Word Order

I feel the word order is very inconsistent. Sometimes it is ‘puella sum’, sometimes ‘sum ego puella’, and even ‘sum puella.’ Am I wrong about this? I hope this is fixed soon.

August 28, 2019



Please use the report option if you enter an answer you think should be accepted but is rejected! We're still adding a lot more alternate translations, but there are so many for Latin that it's pretty time consuming. Some of them we've even added already, but at times there's a bit of a lag between what we update and what is shown to users. We appreciate your patience!


And I appeciate the hard work all of you are putting into this course! I've seen some alternative sentences being added really fast!


I have. Hope they fix it soon.


hmm. It does seem inconsistent and it is throwing me to the side. But perhaps their sentence construction is correct ( i would expect and hope so), and it is simply confusing to a newcomer ?


yes, it is correct latin


I’m not a newcomer, k have studied Latin for a year, and the verb mostly goes at the end.... except in Duo it doesn’t. It made me get heaps of exercises incorrect.


The course is in beta and just came out today so a lot of correct alternative answers haven't been accepted yet.


Yes, they will add more and fix things.


The course is in beta test. Latin word order is much more free than English word order. This means there could be many more variations for the developers to include. Report what you don't like or what you want added, and contribute to the discussion for such sentences..


The words in 'Ego puella sum' can be put in any order, and the 'ego' can be left out.

'Puella sum' would be the most natural version. Including 'ego' stresses 'I'.

I believe Duo is just trying to teach the flexibility of Latin syntax through exposure.


That is correct, but it says only one is correct, and it is a different one on each occasion.


Just report it, and they will fix it right away. I got a mail that a sentence was fixed just minutes after I reported it.


Ok, thanks, I will report them.

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