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Arabic: How hard can it be?!

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not particularly good at languages but Duo has been excellent for Latin-based learning. Thought I would try Arabic for no other reason than to experiment and to maybe help understand simple signs/numbers. Worked OK for the first egg but after that...! Too much too soon! Too much of a leap into phrases when EVERYTHING is brand new.

August 28, 2019



Welcome in the club, but I can tell that when you give yourself enough time and start right from the beginning with learning the letters and then try to get used a bit to the sound of the language it is possible to learn Arabic. You can try out different things on Youtube while doing this Duolingo course, e.g. look at the videos from Hidaya Center or Imran Alawiye. You can find it with the following links. Have fun.




It is very nice to find people who cares about Arabic ...: )


Don't give up. I've learned to read Arabic years ago. Not long ago I bought a Arabic course book in Dutch but only finished 4 chapters. Now at this moment Turkish is more important for me but I will be back to Arabic very soon. Arabic is a beautiful and a very interesting language. I bought the books of the al medinah university. You can also download the pdf for free.


i learned to read Arabic as well long time ago i learned this so i could read the Quran though i can read it i only know the meaning a a few words


A compact and very useful PDF file called Quran Dictionary from Arabic to English has been placed for users in following link. In this pdf file you will be introduced to the English equivalent of each word of the Holy Quran.


click on Yellow bottom. password: www.rasekhoon.net

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