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Thanks to all contributors​

Many thanks to all involved in getting Duolingo Latin off the ground. It's a work in progress, but it is definitely going to be amazing.


August 28, 2019



And thanks for adding alternative translations almost as quick as we can suggest them!


Thanks to Duolingo maybe this language won't die after all?!


It will never die


It is too cool to die.


The glory of Rome is forever.


Yes thank you for your work.


I'm really grateful for all their hard work and their quick addition of notes! They're off to a great start!


Yes, thank you so much! I'm really enjoying the course so far and I hope others are as well.


Thanks a lot for your work. It's a big deal!


And a big thanks from me for the Latin course! It is great to be able to refresh my schoolboy Latin!


Many thanks to the contributors! This is exciting ! Yeah !... Okay - time for me to get to work by trying it out :-))))

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I can't believe it is happening. I've waited so much for this day.


The number of people here super excited about the addition of Latin gives me hope. I teach Latin at a liberal arts school that doesn't value the importance of it, our enrollments are low, and we have to justify offering it by talking about "improved test scores!" and how it "looks great to law schools!" It's wonderful to see a group of people this enthusiastic about getting the opportunity to explore the language for the sheer fun of it.


Thanks for the work. It seems to have improved a lot already! I'm really enjoying it :)


Long live Latin and all romanic languages! I will start that course soon


thanks a lot for your work !!! :)


I haven't been this excited about seeing a new Duolingo course since Esperanto. And I get the added bonus of the course being unexpected. I thought I'd have to wait for a few more weeks.


Greatly appreciate all your efforts and the quick feedback to questions.


Gracias, igualmente. Por fin Latín.


Yes, thank you for the course. Will be the stories in Latin the next step?


I took Latin 1974- 1976 and then stopped. I forgot pretty much all of it but it helped me so much with English vocabulary and now with Spanish and Portuguese on Duolingo. I am happy its available.


And another THANK YOU! Very great work!! Since I know there will come Latin on Duolingo (nearly 1 year) i'm counting the days and i also inscribed to let Duolingo send me an invitation as soon as it starts (15.09.) but casually someone wrote me a message that it already started, what a luck!! I'm so glad to be able to learn Latin on Duolingo! Thank you guys!


Any way for users to contribute content? I'd love to work on a Stories section


ohhh now would that not be a dream :D

I have this idea I am working on with others. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33430664
is the first attempt to create additional resources around stories.
Could you be interested in doing something like that for other stories/languages, where there are stories ?

Or perhaps use a template such as that and create your own short stories between source and target languages, and include enriching information such as talking about one or up to three grammar topics that the content of the story could be exemplifying ?


Courses that have stories

  • Spanish for English: 192 stories (111 full stories) divided in 19 sets
  • Portuguese for English: 152 stories (87 full stories) divided in 15 sets
  • French for English: 144 stories (89 full stories) divided in 14 sets
  • German for English: 124 stories (69 full stories) divided in 12 sets

In total there are 114 different stories.
So you could also translate a cluster of these 114 stories into a different target language.

Source: https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/Duolingo_Stories


May I suggest adding vocabulary from Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata, Familia Romana? They would aid incredibly for those of us who utilize Duolingo Latin as a way to practice.


I like that idea : )


I tried to take Latin for over twenty years and it was NEVER OFFERED at the post secondary institutions I was attending (even though many of them listed it in the catalogue) SO HAPPY to get this chance to learn. Latin is the mathematics of language and will make learning all other languages easier! THANK YOU!


Thanks everyone for your contributions, including the discussion here.

Also, don't forget to check out: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33853120 : Reporting in the Latin Course - Where, What, What NOT, and How to Report


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