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  5. "How many books do you have?"

"How many books do you have?"

Translation:Quot libros habes?

August 28, 2019



There is also a structure using the dative of possession: Quot libri sunt tibi (how many books are there for you) that should be allowed.


Why not "quot libri habetis"?


The books are the direct object of "habetis," so you need the accusative form "libros."


Quick question, i thought in questions you dont put the verb at the end. Why is it at the end here? Quomodo est vir? Not quomodo vir est?

Im sure this is a dumb question (on day 3 of Latin) but if you could answer in stupid people words id appreciate it.


Because habes implies the noun (like in your example of vir) the noun is at the end and if you check the sentence there is no obvious noun or pronoun, except there is, habES means you have, habEO means I have, therefore making the verb have be at the end because its conjugation implies the pronoun you

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