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  5. "Puella sum."

"Puella sum."

Translation:I am a girl.

August 28, 2019



A girl i am. Yoda like i talk.


Thanks for the comedic relief. ROFL


Disappointed I am. "A girl am I" rejected it was.


So whats different here from "ego sum puella"? Which it used earlier. Also would "ego puella sum" be apprpriate?


"ego" is the pronoun "I" and is only used for emphasis, and the word order here is also the most typical (standard word order is SOV). Changing it as in "Ego sum puella" changes the emphasis.

Yes, "ego puella sum" is also correct (and would be accepted if this were translation into Latin).


So for the emphasis, would it be a kind of "I am a girl (but he isn't)" sort of thing? And if so, would it be strange to say "ego sum puella" if one were trying to convey that one was a girl and not, say, a man?


Enormous pause: "Puell......a sum." distorts the sentence a bit.


Please report audio issues with the button in the lesson, not in the sentence discussions.


There is no way to specify in the report what exactly was wrong with the audio. In comments, however, it is possible.


Will it be okay if I say Sum Puella?


Yes, that's also fine.

It may not be accepted on the user-side yet, unfortunately, it takes a while for our change to become active...


Why are the girl/woman just "Puella sum" and "Sum Femina" while the male ones are with ego as in "Ego sum vir"?


There's sentences with and without "ego" for both in the Incubator, if you only got "ego" with male sentences that's just a coincidence. "ego" is the pronoun "I", but it's not required (it's used for emphasis, like in Spanish).


Man these audio clips....


Whats the difference between this and 'Ego sum puella'


"Puella sum" is the most standard, neutral sentence. "Ego sum puella" changes the word order away from the most standard SOV order, which changes the emphasis, and it also adds the pronoun, which again adds emphasis.


Shouldn't "sum" be written as "svm" ? I thought Classical Latin had only 23 letters, and U wasn't one of them


In traditional texts both 'U' and 'V' were written using the same character of 'V' however the pronunciation was different in different words, so now we tend to us 'U' and 'V' to differentiate the sounds


One said "sum femina" was correct but for girl it was "puella sum". The first being I am a woman and the second I am a girl. Why is it the other way around for either one?


By reading the comments above I conclude it's the same. There was also info that about the most common order of the words (SOV). I'm not sure if I get it right but I understand that "Puella sum" is a better choice though the other one is also ok.


The audio sounds like "Tu ella sum". The initial sound sounds like "T", not "P". There's also a weird pause / glottal stop before the "e" that adds up to the confusion.


Replay and sound concentration and 'wahla'- fluency.


Thank you for your input, Gwen Stefani.


Oof, auto correct is getting on my nerves

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