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  5. "My mother is an accountant."

"My mother is an accountant."

Translation:أُمّي مُحاسِبة.

August 28, 2019



oomi meaning mother- where is the symbol to tell me that the first letter is pronounced oo? I don't remember what it is called but I expected to see the script letter for lower case e on top and not the hamza...


It should be pronounced like: Ommee or Ommey

Omm meaning mother

"ee", or "ey" (ي): for my (in my mother)

The "Shadda" is actually on the "meem" letter (م). That's why the "m" is pronounced twice.


'ommii' is one word (my mother - the first person being singular) 'ommeyy' is another word with a different meaning (adjective to mean 'illiterate' - singular masculine) They are not the same.


Should it be really 'ommi' (my mother) instead of "ummi'? I can hear strictly sound 'u' at the beginning of امي


It's ummi. Some people just write the transliteration differently. I guess there are multiple conventions.


Thanks for the quick and clear answer

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