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  5. "Iter facio."

"Iter facio."

Translation:I make a journey.

August 28, 2019



I was under this impression this was an idiomatic expression and would translate to "I'm on a journey" or "I take a journey." Is that not what it means?


It does mean that idiomatically. It actually means "I march" more often. Especially if you read military history such as Caesar's Gallic War, he used the expression to mean march.


With Duolingo it is usually best to translate literally. So "facio" most literally means "I do" or "I make"


Why is 'I make the journey' not accepted here?


It should be accepted. They will be fixing all of these small errors as they are found I'm sure.

In Latin, either the indefinite (a) or the definite (the) article can be used in english translation, depending on context


The pronunciation is not correct. It should be /ˈfa.ki.oː/, not /ˈfaː.ki.o/.


"I travel" is accepted 24/01/2020


Anyone who knows Latin well, is there any reason this couldn't be translated simply as "I journey."?


I think it could. When learning a new language though it can be useful to translate more literally first, then use idioms. There are a lot of synonyms of words in English, so it's difficult for the course managers to account for all of them, but this one probably should be accepted.

Also, "iter facio" also has the military sense of "march". Caesar uses it a lot to describe his troop movement in his commentaries on the Gallic War (Comentarii de Bello Gallico)


I wondered that too, so I just tried "I journey" and it was accepted. (July 2020).


"I go on a trip" should be acceptable.


It's hard to hear what is being said (I heard "iter faciunt", which is entirely correct as a Latin sentence) and kind of pointless, since Latin is not a spoken language. The spoken exercises make sense with living languages, where there is a real benefit in learning how words actually sound in real life, but in Latin they are abitrary and useless.


Not everyone would agree. But you can turn off listening exercises in your settings (and I think when doing lessons you can just skip over them).


Is "I go on a journey" a correct translation?


Sounds like he's saying "Iter F%%k it all!"

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