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  5. "Father is strict."

"Father is strict."

Translation:Pater est severus.

August 28, 2019



I was taught that the verb comes at the end of the sentences: Pater severus est


This doesn't make sense. The words can be in any order. If Duolingo is going to enforce an order then at least have the verb at the end of the sentence, which is considered better form. I got marked wrong for this one for putting the verb at the end of the sentence, but also marked wrong earlier for putting it in the middle. Especially frustrating on what is supposed to be an assessment of skill


When a reply fails to match what the machine is expecting you will get "marked wrong".

If you're certain you were right (re-read and make sure you actually typed what you meant to type), report it using the report button (looks like a flag on my device) so it can be added to the database, sparing future users the frustration of having a correct answer rejected. If you're uncertain, then you should ask here.

If you're just trying to keep a winning streak going, your best bet is to stick with the orders

Subject + O*bject + transitive-V**erb


Subject + linking-Verb + nominal-Complement.


Estne pater tui Snape?

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