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"Epistulas ad oratorem mittimus."

Translation:We send letters to the orator.

August 28, 2019



FYI to all: we have already updated this to the plural "letters," but it often takes time before the update we make on the back end are reflected to users.


Doesn't accept 'speaker' in this instance.


That seems to be a common problem through this section. To improve the course, deliberately answer it "incorrectly" each time and report it.


Quick question: Is "espistulas" a singular noun that is declined in the plural, like castra and impedimenta?


To my knowledge, "epistulas" can only be plural. I reported this sentence. We shall see!


According to OLD s.v. epistula 1b it appears that the plural can in fact refer to a single letter (suggesting "perh. on anal. of litterae"), but as far as I can see there's nothing saying that it can't be an actual plural either, so "letters" should also be correct. (I just got "We send letters to the orator." rejected and reported it.)


From my experience, it can be both singular and plural.


No. "epistula" = "a letter"; "epistulae" = "letters"


"We send letters to the orator" was marked incorrect.


"We send the letter to a orator." was accepted. That's incorrect English. It needs to be 'an orator'. And 'epistulas', that's plural accusative, and we're only sending one letter?


Grammar easy, but the pronunciation is hell; they should have began with basics, enunciating each word separately without their crazy linking and doubling techniques.


I agree. And there should be a slow down pronunciation button like the other languages. This guy links everything together and speaks way too fast. And I taught Latin for over 25 years!


"We send letters to the orator." I copied and pasted my answer. I literally put the exact answer that it says is correct and it was counted wrong.


Am I the only one who misses the male speaker of the earlier levels, who made everything sound like a judge pronouncing a death sentence?

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