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Conjugations in Arabic Present?

Are there verb conjugations in the Arabic present? If so, can someone tell me what they are? Thanks.

August 28, 2019


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Example, the verb (to do) فعل


I do: أفعل (af3al)
You (m) do: تفعل (taf3al)
You (f) do: تفعلين (taf3alín)
He does: يفعل (yaf3al)
She does: تفعل (taf3al)


You (2): تفعلان (taf3alán)
They (2): يفعلان (yaf3alán)


We do: نفعل (naf3al)
You (pl, m): تفعلون (taf3alún)
You (pl, f): تفعلن (taf3aln)
They (m): يفعلون (yaf3alún)
They (f): يفعلن (yaf3aln)

In cases of mixed gender in 2nd and 3rd person, the masculine plural is used

hope this works for you.


Thank you. I understand there is no present tense, only past accomplished and future unaccomplished. If true, which have you chosen for us, here?

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accomplished and unaccomplished? Well, I never studied such modes with such names actually. We simply study (and know) verbs in 3 flavors: past, present, and future. The future tense is simply the present tense (like the one i posted here) but with (sa-) prefix attached to it (for near future) or the verb preceded by (sawfa سوف) for far future.

There is no such modes as "accomplished" or "unaccomplished" for verbs in Arabic. The one I posted above is "present tense" - a verb that a person is currently doing.


Thank you. This helps a lot.


Just in case you need to look up for some verbs. The link will lead you to a good conjungator. Btw, this you can use for some other languages too.


Maybe one thing you should know if it comes to verbs. In Arabic there is no infinitive of verbs. For this they always use the third person singular male in the past.

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