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Latin Tips and Notes are now included in all of the first section!

The Latin team also added another checkpoint (though no new skills), to add three total checkpoint tests to the course. I've also been receiving a lot of emails saying that my alternate translations have been accepted.

To all Latin contributors: thank you so much for working hard to make this a great course! Your work is truly appreciated.

August 28, 2019



Awesome!! Thanks so much to all the contributors! That was wayyyy faster than I thought it would be :D


They are great, I hope we can keep a good pace like this.

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Excellent, good to have the tips & notes. I've also received some emails accepting alternative translations so all good.


That's fantastic. Great job, Latin team!

I wasn't really even planning to do this course, but now I'm kind of hooked.


The contributers are doing an amazing job! Thanks so much for all your hard work!!


My thanks too. And I've had corrections accepted. What a fabulously responsive bunch...on a par with the Welsh contributors


The Tips & Notes for Latin are better than those of any other course that I've seen. I hope that they will extend the course soon...


How do I access the tips and notes

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There's a lighbulb icon at the start of each lesson


It would be really helpful if Tips and Notes were added to the (Android) app. I only realised that such things existed when I visited the website and viewed the French course. Whilst the Notes appear to be the same for the app version of the French course, not so for the Latin.

This makes the Latin too much of a guessing game. It really is a language that requires you to know the grammar. It's beneficial to recognise the patterns in the conjugations (for English speakers in particular because the sentence structure is alien).

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