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"There are very many chapters in the book."

Translation:Plurimae lectiones in libro sunt.

August 28, 2019



Why Plurimae and not plurimes?


Lectiones, are feminine.

Plurimi is always plural, when you have several items.
Plurimus, the singular, would be used for a quantity I guess.
Here it's the nominative.

Plurimi is the masculine.
Plurimae is the feminine.
Plurima is the neutral.

plurimes doesn't exist.


"very many" needs to be dropped. (Please see my more substantive comments on this topic elsewhere in this lesson.) It's not okay. And I'm going to keep posting comments until it's fixed because DL staff not only hasn't corrected this but is arguing with people. I've never seen anything like this in any other DL course. Please don't be convinced otherwise. You should not be using the phrase "very many" in English. There are a plethora of better options


There is a plethora


It has always been my understanding that sunt or est at the beginning of a sentence means there are or there is.


Yes, but There are several books in the room. And Several books are in the room.

Are the same. Exactly the same meaning. So both translation are ok.


Capitula for "chapter"?


Yes, according to every dictionaries I read, it would be far better. Sing Capitulum, or Caput.


And lectio means "reading" or "text", not "chapter".


How do we even know if these corrections are even being seen by devs. Shame to be learning poor words for the situation


Turns out there are Latin spellchecking dictionaries. So if you want your Latin inscriptions checked, you can.


Where can these dictionaries be found? Do you recommend any of them?


Searching through dictionaries and grammar books "very many" seems to be used only in negative sentences and questions. Maybe "a lot" is more appropriate. Pay attention also to the guttural pronunciation (from North Europe?) not always right in the old Latin language.

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