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Problem Immersion

whenever i check the articles it doesn't recognize that ive done them so i don't get any points even though it says that i have!!! what is going on??? do i have to do something first????????????????

April 19, 2013



maybe it is only a problem of updating the points in the "Home"-Tab

for example

  • look on the "Home"-Tab how many points are the actual score for you ( for example: 400 )

  • go to the "Immersion"-Tab, get an article to translate and click "this translation looks good"

  • now you have one point more ( in the example: 401 )

if you now click the "Home"-Tab the score is not being updated

  • if you reload the page in your browser the score is correct ( in the example: 401 )


Hi, we'd like to help you. Can you give us an example of such an article? (The web address would be very helpful).

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