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"Where does Corinna come from?"

Translation:Unde venit Corinna?

August 28, 2019



I'm confused on when to use 'a' or 'ab' in the sentence and when to leave them out.

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Ubi = where? (static location)
Quo = to where? (whither?)
Unde = from where? (whence?)


Here is a plain-English overview of what the cases are and how they work:
Latin cases, in English


"Unde venit Corinna?" Why in this order. Why not "Unde Corinna venit?"


No apparent reason. Both versions work. 'Corinna' feels a bit more stressed at the end of the sentence.


In this example, "unde" does not mean "where". In this example, "unde" means "from where", also known as "whence". Because no additional Latin word is needed to indicate the "from".

The English might be translated a bit more closely as "From where does Corinna come?" or "Whence comes Corinna?" But I haven't tested if Duo would accept either of those.

I don't know why (having forgotten a lot of English rules), but those forms to me feel antique, formal and yet correct; whereas "Where does she come from?" feels modern, colloquial and American.

It's possible that I picked up "Whence" from reading Tolkien and my brain fixed it as "From where", making those two forms Tolkienesque (in my mind).


venis should not be a typo, it is false

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