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"Father is not strict, but kind."

Translation:Pater non est severus, sed benignus.

August 28, 2019



I typed "est non" instead of "non est" and got the answer wrong. Is this a grammar rule or can "est non" be considered correct?


pater non severus est is just as good for anyone wondering


Est is better placed at the end of the sentence!


Just put in "severvs". App called it a typo


Just want to say, to the creators (of this course) out there, great job. These sentences, challenging as they are, make sense, unlike some of the other language courses. Thank you !!! I really loved the one about, Livia, where are the men? Always the question !!! LOL. XOXO


Would "Pater non severus est, sed benignus" be a viable sentence? or does the negation have to come before the verb?


Your example is okay; non can be used to negate both verbs and adjectives and Latin word order is flexible.


Pater non severus sed beningus est is also correct?


Just tried it. It's accepted now (Dec 2020).

[deactivated user]

    It is not the copula which needs negating (i.e., non est), but severus. Thus “pater non severus sed benignus est” (as several have already suggested).


    In latin the words can be in any order. It should not matter which order I put it in.


    That's not true to say "In latin, the words can be in any order". There are rules. The place of words is more free than in English, but there are rules & patterns.


    I think that strictus should be accepted... If we refer to the quote "stricto sensu" this word was existing in Latin

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