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Why are you learning Latin?

Salvete! (Yes, that's the only greeting I know and it was stolen from the Basics 1 tips page.)

And Latin is finally here! After months of anticipation and waiting, Duolingo users have been invited into the beta-stage course of its first dead language. Naturally, it has been met from everything between genuine praise, constructive criticism and disappointing feedback. While I have only just reached Level 1 of Basics 1, I am eager to venture further through my Latin journey and hope it will be rewarding and enjoyable.

As the Latin community grows, I think it will be a good idea to share with each other why we have decided to learn Latin. Personally, it is out of pure interest for Latin, especially since I am also learning French and Italian, the latter being especially close to Latin. However, I have already found that discovering the root of Romance languages may indeed be useful for learning them. I have had no prior study of Latin and have found it easy to recognise certain words because of their French or Italian derivations. This has helped me to develop a greater awareness of the relationship between languages and really makes me appreciate not only Romance languages, but language as a whole. So, I ask to you, as part of our newly-founded community, why are you learning Latin?


August 28, 2019



"why are you learning Latin?" So I can have children some day and only teach them Latin since their toddlers' time, so we can be able to restore the glory of our people and keep the Hellenic-Roman culture productive. hahaha


I studied 4 years latin in different schools and I nearly never achieved ending the courses positive although i love latin. I always knew that i will come back to latin so i also kept my latin books with me. Now that there is Duolingo i feel ready to begin another time and to achieve talking latin fluent. I can remember a few words from latin but now its MY TIME to do it perfect. With Duolingo i see a possibility to learn how i like it. Its always better when it makes fun to learn. Duolingo also made me learn spanish on my own, i won't miss any day to learn spanish, its a part of my life now and i hope with latin it will be the same.


I must be a masochist ? Or maybe if i become proficient i can become a Catholic nun. Seriously i love languages and am interested in the mother tongue of the 3 romance languages that i study. But i don't know how much further i will go being as i find the female voice difficult to understand; like she is talking through a huge wad of bubble gum.

The male voice is crystal clear and makes the lessons easy, but that's only about half of the vocals. Personally, because of that, i find Latin here more difficult than Chinese, Greek, and Hebrew all together. Oh well, i guess i have my plate full without Latin. :(


I'm a great fan of Seneca and Cicero, and I hope that one day I might be able to read their works in the original language.

I've already learned some Latin (autodidactic) from time to time. Duolingo is always a good resource for staying on track. :-)

There is a little song moving around in my head right now:

"Latin is a language, as dead as it can be.
It killed the ancient Romans, and now it's killing me." :D


It would be amazing to be able to read Roman literature one day


Except that Latin never died tho. : P


Indeed -- there might be a little tongue-in-cheekiness involved. ;-)


I'm not so much learning it as refreshing what I learned. I took Latin for three years in high school, where - thanks to an amazing teacher and a truly magnificent game - I came to love the language. Now I'm here to get back in touch with the language and help improve the course for future learners, doing what I can to keep it alive so that Latin may never truly die.


Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


Obviously for knowledge :)

Today while making this post, I found that the grammar and sentence-structure of Latin language is very easy to grasp which is why I decided to learn it.


It was the only language that was offered as a third language at my school and since I was into languages, I took it.

I forgot a lot and I figured that reviving my knowledge wouldn't hurt. I also like looking at the similarities and differences between languages, and now that I'm learning Spanish, I'm interested in seeing how Spanish, French and Latin compare.


For to make the Witchcraft spells sound cooler. Ahahaha. No, really.


Salvete :)

As a biology student, I find myself looking up a lot of Latin words (mostly nouns), and even though our professors don't expect us to know all the Latin terms, I often go out of my way to learn them. It's really cool when you encounter a new species name and you immediately grasp the logic behind it (learning Greek also helps!). Besides, I have a penchant for Romance languages - all the more reason to learn Latin.

Btw shameless self-promo, my most popular deck on Tinycards is my histology deck (text is Latin only, images are in labelled in English).


When I was 13 years old I changed schools, and though both institutions taught Latin, the curriculum was not standardised, as it would become later in a pupil's career in preparation for standardised testing. So although I had taken Latin for two years and scored 96% (unless my memory is playing tricks) in my last test at the old school, I was judged to be unsuitable for the Latin stream in the new school. This has always been a matter for regret, indeed, resentment perhaps.

So when, almost 60 years later, I discovered that Duolingo offered a Latin course, I thought is worth a try, and am now hooked.

Furthermore, it turns out that I remembered the declensions of Mensa, Dominus and Bellum, the conjugation of the present tense of Amare, and the terms "Nominative, Vocative, Accusative, Genitive, Dative, Ablative" and what these terms mean!

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