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"Your wallet is taken by whom?"

Translation:Dompetmu diambil siapa?

August 28, 2019



Why is 'oleh' not used here?

Am I mistaken in thinking that when the verb is NOT immediately followed by an actor, it should be used? (at least according to the notes on here)


Is it possible to say : "Siapa yang diambil dompetmu?"


No, "Siapa yang diambil dompetmu" has incorrect word order. "Di-" verbs in Malay are known as patient focus verbs. These verbs are used similarly to passive voice in English, so the nouns that would normally be the subject and object are swapped. This means that "dompetmu" must come before "diambil", and "siapa" must come after "diambil".


Yes. Except that it’s not Malay and the usual term for this is object-focus not patient (?) focus. (For example, that’s what it’s called in the Victorian Education curriculum for Indonesian.)


Siapa yang mengambil dompetmu?


Who has taken my wallet?


But that is not using the object-focus that we are practicing.

“Siapa yang mengambil dompetmu?” => “Who has taken your wallet?” (With the focus on the subject, “who”).

“Dompetmu diambil siapa?” => “Your wallet was taken by who/whom.” (With the focus on the object, “your wallet”)

Yes, sometimes these object-focus sentences sound unnatural in English. But that’s because it’s a direct translation from Indonesian where it is natural to use object-focus more often.

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