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"Fortasse psittaci legere possunt."

Translation:Perhaps the parrots can read.

August 28, 2019



Read the labels of liquor bottles, maybe.


Don't want them getting their talons on some bad hooch


Even the drunk one


Not sure why "Perhaps the parrots want to read" is offered as a correct translation here, when that's not what the sentence means.


It was, unfortunately, a typo of some sort. We've updated it on our end already, but it's taking some time to update on the user side. Apologies for the inconvenience!


Great -- thank you! I put "Perhaps the parrots can read", and this was marked wrong.

So I'll go with the flow now, translating "possunt" as "want to read", and I know that in a few days, the "can" version will be the right one.


The Update isn't shown even after three days.


Sometimes it takes as long as two weeks, and in my experience, the updates often come through sooner if you're using the website than if you're using the app. (<--that's totally unscientific data based on a sample size of "me")


3 days is very very short. 3 days or a magical clap in the ends for fixing things, are the same.
Update can take several weeks.


as accomplished writers of songs, at least some of them almost certainly can...


They could, if there weren't that drunk.


Minime. Ebrii sunt. Quis ebrius legere potest?


I'll believe it when one of them drunkenly staggers up to me and, by way of introduction, says, "They call me Ishmael."


They don't really "read", they recognize the shape of the word.

Be careful, it's a commercial site, and advertisement. They sell a method, probably very expensive.

Animals are able to count, to learn the hours of the day, to understand our language (only: word by word, or sentences as a whole, and often they'll have problem to understand things separated from the body language), but understanding abstract concepts like grammar or a letter producing symbolically a sound, or analyzing the part of a sentence and forge their own, is impossible for them.

We have a symbolic brain, they don't.
Human language is made this way, for human symbolic-brain. Their languages are not made on this mode.


Agreed. But there are many people who think parrots only mimic our speech when in truth they learn words and phrases with their meanings. We used to have an Amazon parrot and he always used language meaningfully. A breeder I chatted with also said she often heard a pair of parrots she owned having meaningful conversations. They are amazing.


They can learn words, the same way dogs or cats, or even hens do. I have no problem to believe that. And they can be trained to ask food (or something else) using words, by "positive reinforcements".

But using our language meaningfully, no.
To use the human language, you need to have a symbolic brain, to be able to use grammar. Try to explain a bird what when you had "will" in a sentence, the meaning change to mean the future. Good luck with that. They cannot get abstract things, and grammar is 90% of abstraction and symbolic, or something like that. A language without grammar is not our language. 2 words changing mutually their meaning is a thing that humans have no problem to get.

When 2 parrots want to have a meaningful conversation, they don't use our language, they use their own. Why would they want to use our language? Their language is not well adapted to them? It would be like to make them eat with a fork, that's called anthropomorphism.
Their language is a body language, that we are not aware of, and with some small sounds, and we see only our language, when they communicate all the time.


And oysters have a licence to kill?


They weren't that idiot at the time


Especially when sober.


Perhaps they can read, after we get them off the booze!


Not if they're drunk.


But if they're angry, they can!




Surely "can", not "want to"; that would be "volunt".


After hearing all about their drunk and deceitful ways, I'm glad the parrots can try to better themselves by reading


It's impossible to go to mass and not to laugh thinking about those drunk, spear throwers, educated parrots now

[deactivated user]

    "Parrots may be able to read” should be acceptable.


    I am soon going to finish this Latin course... Thanks for putting a Latin course on Duolingo. I'd be very glad if I heard some people are preparing an Ancient Greek course as well. Great job all round (just leave out the adventures of the drunk parrot please)


    Nuu the drunk parrot adventures are the best part!


    The pronounciation is done well, however I believe "possunt" is pronounced "poh-soont" rather than "pah-soont".


    Should be can not want


    Would it be more accurate to say "are able to" woth legere "to read", than to say "can read", or work the same way?


    If they can talk, they should be able to read?


    The parrot has AI


    They are eager for the gems of literature.


    I am so sick of these damn parrots. I feel a language course should give you a thorough grounding of terms that are in common usage. I now have a complete knowledge of the declension of "parrot" but I'm still vague on man, woman, boy and girl. I'm nearing the end of the course now and feel I've wasted my time.


    While we're on that topic, why don't they write the macrons for long vowels and re-record the atrocious accents some of these recordings have? ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

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