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  5. "Corinna est puella."

"Corinna est puella."

Translation:Corinna is a girl.

August 28, 2019



Latin is a SOV language, right? So, "Corinna puella est" would be a more usual order, I think. I'm dragging my stupid brain back to high school Latin, though, so I might be wrong!


Is "Corinna puella est" acceptable?


Yes, and it should be accepted now, but unfortunately it takes some time for the changes we make in the Incubator to be active for users (sometimes as long as two weeks).

Still, please report (with the button in the lesson, not in the discussion) if it's not accepted, it's still possible something got missed!


Thank you. I don't know Latin at all so I was just asking.


You're welcome!

I'll tell you a secret - I'm hoping everyone else who comes to the discussion wanting to say that it should be accepted (and not asking if it should be) will read my comment and report it correctly too!


Yea, I have noticed that people do not look to see if a question has already been asked and answered so many of you have been needing to repeat yourselves many times. You all have good patience.


Yes, verbs usually goes at the end


No that means "Corinna girl is" so no


That's wrong. First off, did you see what the mod said? It's accepted. Also, languages aren't litteral. So "Corrina puella est" still means Corrina is a girl. Just like in Spanish, "Jugo de naranja' isn't "Juice of orange", it's "orange juice"


It seems a bit mean to mark me wrong for spelling Corinna wrong (I spelt it Corrina by mistake) especially when I get the actual Latin right. Ah well. Live and learn, right?


We can't actually control what's marked as a typo and what's marked wrong, it's done by algorithm. But spelling actually does matter here, as you'll later be using these names in learning declension. :)


I'm not actually upset about the name thing - I certainly haven't spelt it wrong since! I just thought it was odd.


And now you know why it's the case. :) And hopefully other people will read the explanation instead of getting upset over it.


Is there anything like an article (a, an, the) in Latin ?


No, they're all expressed the same way (so we accept answers with any of them that fit the English sentence).


thank you so much


So why the answer "Corinna is girl" is not acceptable???!


English still uses articles.


Because that's grammatically incorrect in English.


I would like information on possible cognates in English of "puella".


I have a few cognates for the roots that "puella" comes from if that is close enough for you.

So before we had these Latin words, there was Proto-Indo-European that had the root pau-, pōu-, pū which meant little, small, few. From this you will probably recognize many words (excuse me if I don't spell them right as I have heard them in various languages in which I am not literate like Spanish). In Spanish, un pocito, a little. In Latin, paucus, small/slight. Spanish and Italian, poco.

The suffixed form of the proto-IE root also gives us Latin pullus for young animal/foal and Greek polos (the first o has a carrot over it) meaning foal/young girl/young boy. In Germanic and English this is foal. The suffixed form of that is the puer and puella (probably first puerla) that we are seeing here in Latin.

This pullus gives us pullulāre, to sprout/put forth shoots/bring forth that in English gives us the verb pullulate, to breed/produce/create rapidly.


Should puella be declened as puellam (direct object)?


No, here it's a predicate adjective. which is like a direct object for a linking verb. It is a noun that describes the subject, and is also in the nominative. A predicate nominative renames the subject, which is similar.


It doesn't like it if you misspell her name


Well, do you like it when people misspell your name? ;-)


I spelled the name wrong ;-;


I just typed corrina and not corinna And it was a error


It should have said I had a typo for spelling Corinna wrong when it called me incorrect.


We cannot control what is marked as a typo and what isn't. It's done by an algorithm.


Are these names typical latin names? If not, why does me spelling them wrong matter?


Yes. But spelling also matters because you'll be learning declension with these names later.


I put the actual correct answer "Corrina is a girl" and it says im wrong, but it gives exactly that answer.


The name is "Corinna" with two N's and one R.


I put "Corrina is a girl." and it told me I was wrong - accidentally spelled her name wrong


i put in the right answer but i am told its wrong


Oh boo. Just for a typo in a girls name?


Yes, the spelling of "Corinna" actually does matter, because you'll be using it in learning declension later. And, we can't control what's marked as a typo, that's done by algorithm, so we couldn't actually do anything about it even if spelling didn't matter here.

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