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  5. I finished the Latin tree!


I finished the Latin tree!

This is the first time I finished a tree in one day and received a golden owl! Ok, the tree is rather short :-)

Thanks a lot to the contributors. Although there are still quite a few mistakes here and there in the tree, the quality is quite good, considering this is the first day after release in beta. And I'm sure it will improve rapidly in the next days and weeks with the help of our feedback.

August 28, 2019



Gratulor tibi de hac gloria! :-)

(I cheated and looked the congrats up on the Internet blush).

That's great -- even though the course is quite short, this is a real achievement.

Happy continued learning! :-)


But by that you mean that you got lvl 5 in all lessons?


Probably not. That would have made him go up to level 25.


The highest level achieved by anyone until now is 11 as you can see here: https://duome.eu/en/la But with all the crowns and all the skills on level 5 you would still be far from Level 25. My level on Duome is 8 but on here it only shows as 6.


@amy-xz @PaoloDiBello, Thanks for the answer you guys, I wish you good studies! : )


No, Level 1. As I wrote I got the golden owl, which was my objective. I'll probably let it rest, because currently I have my focus on Spanish, Turkish and Arabic.


Got it, well done mate!


still thats pretty impressive i don't have the patience since I have ADHD but did you get to Gold on each level?


Well done: that's my aim too! Spending too much time on the forums though :o)

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