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  5. "Ubi studetis?"

"Ubi studetis?"

Translation:Where do you study?

August 28, 2019



What case or declension is studetis ?


Studetis is a verb. It is second conjugation (principle parts are studeo, studere, studui). Here it is in the 2nd person plural (present active indicative).


Thanks for answering. Since it is a plural conjugation would Where do you all study ? be correct.


Yes, I think that is a good translations to really point out that it is about multiple people.

I think there was mention somewhere that they were allowing "you all" with 2nd person plural. If it isn't just report it then I suppose.


I thought the same thing. That would be far more accurate.


Really, ubi can mean where and when (as per the mouse-over hints)?

If so, is this sort of like "where in time"?


Ubi =

  • Interrogative pronoun: Where?

  • Relative pronoun: I know where you have been.

  • Ubi + indicative:
    When: I felt in love when I saw you.

Source: They don't give the meaning with "when" in the Wiktionary (so I guess it's the use is rarer?), but they give it here (in French): http://www.dicolatin.com/FR/LAK/0/UBI/index.htm


Thank you, very interesting!

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