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"Marcus vinum in caupona gustat."

Translation:Marcus tastes the wine in the inn.

August 28, 2019



Is the word "caupona" shop or inn? Please clarify. Another question shows "shop", yet this one shows "inn."


We has the same shop/inn definition for taberam in and earlier exercise, too.


Well, well, I didn't realise clicking on the words in a thread would take you to a dictionary!! Every day is a school day!

By contrast, the dictionary shows only 'shop' for caupona: https://www.duolingo.com/dictionary/Latin/caupona/336ddc6b68810931b9a7a3bfe6e1fb16


According to Wiktionary it means 'inn'. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/caupona


According to my dictionary "caupona" is only "inn" and "taberna" means "shop" first and then "inn".


Caupona is also the "female shopkeeper, landlady or hostess".

Looks also like some kind of girls, you know what I mean. As "caupona" is also a lupanar or a cabaret.


shop is "taberna"


I tried Marcus tastes the wine in the pub expecting to be shot down in flames, which I duly was. British definitions, not much adhered to these days, give us the following. Pub: licensed drinking establishment; tavern (taberna?): a pub that serves food as well as drink; inn: a tavern that provides overnight accommodation. I have the distinct impression that a caupona is an establishment where rooms are rented by the hour, day or night. A tavern, if you like; but more of a brothel.

"There is a Tavern in the Town" is a suitably worded 19th century English Folk Song, based on an earlier Cornish miners' song "There is a Tavern in Yonder Town".


Bordello would also be a good name. :)


Lupanar to be more polite.
Yes, did you read that too? What are your sources?


Lupanar is a house of she-wolves. Using another language doesn't change the meaning.


Would that be Marcus Didius Falco? IIRR he spends a lot of time in cauponae.(What's the correct plural ending?)


12th-century is a bit late.

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