"Tu psittacum non pulsas."

Translation:You do not hit the parrot.

August 28, 2019



Unless you're in the dead parrot piece on Monty Python.

August 28, 2019


Nonne caeruleus Novergicus mirum avis est?

August 30, 2019


Somebody help Google Translate please!

September 13, 2019


Does this sentence sound like an imperative to anyone else? It's not in the imperative form in Latin, but the English sounds like it's supposed to be?

September 3, 2019


I should bloody well hope not!!! :)

September 8, 2019


I strongly recommend you get someone else to record the audio in a better room with a better microphone. These are all very low quality. I recommend you listen the Japanese, French, Spanish or Arabic audio (or anything, really) to set a baseline.

September 9, 2019


I have given them the benefit of the doubt because it's a Beta, but a few have been particularly egregious. There is often a second or more pause before the word being read, and a fair percentage of the recordings include a sound that is possibly a pneumatic chair slightly adjusting (might it be the person leaning over towards the microphone while sitting on one?).

September 9, 2019


Hey, I'm enjoying the orators expounding at us across 2,000 years. No complaints here!

September 11, 2019
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