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Great that Latin is being added so I can refresh it.... BUT... the pronunciation is all wrong its with Spanish or English accent (and that's just from the frist lesson); better to let a Italian or German do the pronunciation!

August 28, 2019



The male voice is great but the female doesn't pronounce her "R"s well, or has a New York accent. Hard to understand her !


I honestly don't think it's hard to understand her.


I think some people are dreaming with perfection while they don't notice that to keep things moving is more important than to just keep dreaming about how "this" or "that" would be the ideal. I imagine that soon it'll appear more folks here complaining about how the Ecclesiastical pronunciation should be the one picked for the course - or that we should have this or that detail in mind... for Pete's sake people, be reasonable here and lets all meet each other in the half way - the egoistic wishes of everybody cannot be granted at the same time. Who wants to learn will do it (and adapt to their own needs) anyway!


You shouldn't get a German to do the pronunciation unless he is a very good phonetician. But then you could take any phonetician.
German phonology is very different from Latin's.

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