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Intro - Verb Placement with Nouns

Sometimes the pronoun isn't needed, and marks it wrong when I use it.

Sum femina (CORRECT)

Ego sum femina (INCORRECT)

And sometimes it will put the noun before a verb, and others after, and marks it wrong if I don't remember the sentence from previous lessons.

Ego sum femina (CORRECT)

Sed sum femina (INCORRECT)

Sed femina sum (CORRECT)

And it's really difficult. Apparently the contributors didn't give us multiple other ways to write the sentences, because only one way is accepted. How do I know? Can the contributors mark these other ways (that they've taught us!) as correct in all ways I used above?

Otherwise, loving the course!

August 28, 2019



Latin has very free word order, but unfortunately not all the possible sentence structures were initially input for every sentence. We've already made the majority of the edits, but sometimes it takes a little bit of time before our edits are reflected on the user side. If you encounter any answers you believe are correct but are marked wrong, please feel free to use the report feature. Many of the reports we've been receiving are for issues that have already corrected on our side (and will be reflected on the user side soon!), but it's always possible we've missed something.

We appreciate everyone's patience while the course is in beta!


Thanks for the course, though! I love it!

I will do! You're doing great :D


Apparently the contributors didn't give us multiple other ways to write the sentences, because only one way is accepted. How do I know?

I think that's part of the course being in "Beta": Not all possible solutions have been included yet. The course contributors of course try to include many correct solutions from the start, but often there are so many that they cannot be figured out right from the start.

So if you think your solution is correct, you should press the "Report" button within the pink field that tells you that your reply is incorrect, and choose the option "my solution should be accepted".

If you are right, your solution will be added to the set of correct solutions, and there will be fewer problems in the future.

I already did that today.

Happy learning! :-)


That's true. In the lesson prelim it specifies that all of the above are acceptable but when it comes to the lessons, they mark the order as wrong. Oh well, its just released in beta, so chances are there will be some revision.


Yeah. I understand now. I am in love with the Latin course!


Especially for the shorter sentences usually any word order is correct, with and without pronoun. Report any that are not accepted. I already reported loads which were accepted amazingly quickly. :)


Salvēte, amīcī! If you are interesting in long/short vowels in Latin, the macrons as they are called, I put them on the INTRO vocabulary. Could you please have a look? https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34931826

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