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  5. "Ego sum Corinna."

"Ego sum Corinna."

Translation:I am Corinna.

August 28, 2019



What is the difference between "Ego sum Corinna", and "Corinna sum"


Emphasis. "Corinna sum" would be the standard, neutral sentence. Changing the order changes the emphasis, and adding the pronoun adds emphasis.


It's the opposite for copula, according to grammar books, so probably also in this sentence. Sum Corinna is more common than Corinna sum, because of the copula. Unless it's a special case with this sentence. (?)


The difference is corrina sum means "am corinna" but εγο sum corrina means "i am corrina" ego is εγο greek for i


The pronunciation of the R in Corinna is wrong, it should be rather modern Italian than English.


Please report audio issues using the button in the lesson, not in the sentence discussion.


(I reported most of the cases using the report button, though I can't remember whether I have reported this very case. As for the audio in general, both narrators don't sound Latin, if you can, please find some pholologists from Italy to re-record everything)


Yes, but report only with the report button. It's what our mod ask us in the message above.


'Corinna sum' would be more natural, right?


That's context dependent. It would be the standard, neutral sentence, but the order can be changed and the pronoun included for emphasis.


And it's a copula here, so it's not the standard order anymore.


Why does the spelling of Corinna matter?


Because you'll be learning declensions with it later. Also because people generally prefer that their names be spelled correctly. ;-) We also have no control over what's marked as a typo, that's done by an algorithm, and we can't put other spellings in the list of correct translations.


Does Corinna has long vowels?

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