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  5. "You love our sons."

"You love our sons."

Translation:Filios nostros amatis.

August 28, 2019



The English doesn't necessarily suggest a second person plural. "amas" should be allowed as well as "amatis".


Matthieu, just report it and be patient. It's not a mistake, it's that when you make a course, it's very hard to include every possible answers. So just report and wait. It's not because it's not still accepted that they consider it as wrong. Both you plural and you singular are correct here.


Im sorry but what is the differences between filios nostros and filias nostras?


"Filios nostros" = "Our sons" "Filias nostras" = "Our daughters"


Where is the difference between We love our sons translated as nos filios amamus and you love our sons translated as filios nostros amatis ?

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