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List of sentences taught in Intro (the first skill) in Latin!

Hey there! I thought it might be useful to create a list of the sentences taught in the Latin course. Hope you find it helpful! So here's a full (at least all that I encountered) list for the first skill!

I've also added all the words taught to the Duolingo wiki. Feel free to take a look at that as well as I've done the words for Intro: https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/Latin_Skill:Intro

Intro Sentences

Lesson 1

  • Corinna femina est = Corinna is a woman
  • Corinna est puella = Corinna is a girl
  • Ego sum puer = I am a boy
  • Puella sum = I am a girl
  • Livia est femina = Livia is a woman
  • Livia femina est = Livia is a woman
  • Stephanus est vir = Stephanus is a man
  • Vir sum = I am a man
  • Marcus est vir = Marcus is a man
  • Ego sum femina = I am a woman

Lesson 2

  • Ego non sum Stephanus = I am not Stephanus
  • Quis est Stephanus? = Who is Stephanus?
  • Corinna non est puella, sed femina est = Corinna is not a girl, but is a woman
  • Puella dormit = The girl sleeps
  • Tu es Marcus = You are Marcus
  • Ego sum vir, sed non femina = I am a man, but not a woman
  • Tu es puella = You are a girl
  • Puer non dormit, sed puella dormit = The boy does not sleep, but the girl sleeps
  • Quis dormit? = Who sleeps?
  • Marcus non est femina = Marcus is not a woman
  • Quis est tu? = Who are you?
  • Quis sum ego? = Who am I?
  • Vir dormit = A man sleeps
  • Ego sum vir, sed non femina = I am a man, but not a woman

Lesson 3

  • Ego domi sum = I am at home
  • Puella scribit = The girl writes
  • Ea est puella = She is a girl
  • Femina studet = The woman studies
  • Marcus scribit et non dormit = Marcus is writing and does not sleep
  • Quis est in urbe? = Who is in the city?
  • Stephanus studet et scribit = Stephanus studies and writes

Lesson 4

  • Ego sum pater = I am the father
  • Frater domi scribit = The brother writes at home
  • Soror in urbe est = The sister is in the city
  • Mater scribit et frater domi dormit = The mother writes and the brother sleeps at home
  • Tu non es pater = You are not the father
  • Soror in urbe studet = The sister studies in the city
  • Frater domi dormit = The brother sleeps at home
  • Soror in urbe est, sed frater domi est = The sister is in the city, but the brother is at home
August 28, 2019

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Thank you so much - this is really helpful. I had no idea that half the Duo users were already Latin experts! As for me, I know NUZZINK!

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