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"Multi ludi Novi Eboraci sunt."

Translation:Many schools are in New York.

August 28, 2019



Isn't "Multi ludi" supposed to be "Many games"


Ludus: It can also be. From verb ludere, to play.
There can be many schools in New York, or many games, or fun activities.



School is the best game... for some.


Definetly, I would like to use Latin only with cities and objects of Latin times, so it would be easier to imagine myself in Ancient Rome. Novum Eboracum and other new names breaks the magic.


Being able to talk in Latin with friends, and not being able to tell where you live or where you'd like to go on holiday, is not so magic, it would rather prevent to use the language to talk nowadays. Yes, some people make Latin club to talk in Latin like a living language, and it's so fun!


People don't holiday in Europe?


Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it all that much. You won't learn all that much Latin from Duolingo and will have to continue elsewhere so there will be plenty of time for magic later.

In any case, Eboracum was Roman city, so if you go to York, and happen to time travel to the Roman era, you will be able to discuss its name in Latin.


"There are many schools in New York". Would that be a correct translation?


Yes, and to me, it is a more natural translation.


Salve amica! Salve amicus!?


The i in multi and ludi were pronounced like ae in this example. Please improve the pronounciation.

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