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"Quot iuvenes Novi Eboraci sunt?"

Translation:How many young men are in New York?

August 28, 2019



I certainly can be wrong, but I am getting the sense from the audio, the sentences, and the American specificity, the main course developer was a post college woman looking for a husband in California or New York. But she found him, who is the dude who does the other audio parts in Latin, and they geek out in latin. They likely wore togas for their wedding, and are now plotting for the ressurction of SPQR.


Don't do that. Don't give me hope.


Is it me or her accent is very difficult to understand? I get the exercise right, because I knew the words in the lesson, but if I hear this sentence in a conversation, I'm sure I couldn't recognize the words.

Not to report the audio (I know it's not the place here!), just to ask if the problem is only mine. What's her accent?


The audio is a bit hard to understand. The "t" in "quot" has a "ch" sound that shouldn't be there, considering that Latin phonology doesn't use the "ch" sound at all. I eventually got it, but spent a few seconds wondering what that "quoch" meant.


Same. (not to be ungrateful to their efforts or anything) but i heard something along the lines of poCH


A lot of the audios have very strange intonation. This one in particular as well as a couple of others have intonations that do not match the question at all, she intones as if asking, "Young men are in New York???!?!?!?"


Why is “How many young men there are in New York” wrong?


According to Latin DuoLingo, the only two cities in the world are Rome and New York. As this is Latin for English, one would have thought that there would be many English cities and towns used as examples, since the Romans were in England 2,000 years ago.


why did "novum eboracum" change to "novi eboraci" in this context?


Novi Eboraci is the locative case which is used to specify location (as it is here).

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