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  5. "Who is the mother?"

"Who is the mother?"

Translation:Quis est mater?

August 29, 2019



Quis mater est as an answer is not incorrect; Latinists traditionally put the verb as the last word in a sentence. Vita bona est! 28 August 2019


It should also be accepted now, but unfortunately it takes some time for the changes we make in the Incubator to be active for users (sometimes as long as two weeks).

Still, please report (with the button in the lesson, not in the discussion) if it's not accepted, it's still possible something got missed!

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But isn't it true that verb placement is often changed from the declarative to the interrogative?


It certainly can be. Whether it's done often I don't know, I'm actually not a Latin expert, just temporary help for handling the initial flood of reports on the course. :)


It worked for me as of the 1st of September 2019.


Hooray, that means our changes are finally starting to come through! Were you using the web version or mobile?


Why is the interrogative "Quis" and not "Quae"?


It's a mistake. "Quis" is referring to the masculine who, and "Quae" is feminine. I'm am glad I knew enough latin before Duolingo to catch this.


"Quid est mater?" should not be accepted as a typo, it is simply wrong.

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There is not a database of acceptable typos the way there is a database of acceptable answers. The correction algorithm, which is programmed by the site devs, is a delicate balance of determining the difference between a typo and an error. It generally allows one wrong letter per word to slide by as a typo. It is supposed to mark it wrong if that one-letter difference makes a real word in the language, but sometimes that doesn't happen. There is nothing the volunteer course contributors can do about that.

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