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  5. "The girl lives in New York."

"The girl lives in New York."

Translation:Puella Novi Eboraci habitat.

August 29, 2019



Why novi eboraci and not novum eboracum?


Novi Eboraci is the locative form of Novum Eboracum. The locative tell you the location where something located. That's why it ends up being translated as in New York.

Note that the locative is used only for cities, towns, small islands, and a few special nouns that don't fall into those categories. For everything else you would just use in + (ablative form of the noun).


Thanks for your clear, understandable explanations.


So for locative case, you do not use 'in'? For example, I wrote: "Pella in Novi Eboraci habitat." and it was marked incorrect.


You do not use in with the locative case. In is only used with the accusative and the ablative.


Should "Novi Eboraci puella habitat" work? I was under the impression that flexible word order would be ok here but it was marked wrong.

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