"Iuvenis cum psittaco irato in foro est."

Translation:The young man is in the forum with an angry parrot.

August 29, 2019



I should be allowed The young man with the angry parrot is in the forum.

Issued reported.

August 29, 2019


And forty minutes later, the sentence has been updated in line with my comment.

Thank you Contributors :o) [edit] for sending a mail saying you have made the update.

August 29, 2019


That's weird. I typed in The young man with the angry parrot is in the forum just now and it counted it as incorrect.

August 29, 2019


It can take a few days for the DL website engines to feed the updates through to the end users after the contributors have made updates. It's only been 9 hours since the update.

I've edited my comment above to be clearer.

August 29, 2019


As for Sept 11th @ 01:01PM, "The young man with the angry parrot is in the forum", they give me wrong. I don't use the keyboard to type because sometimes, the jumbled up words can give some clue to what the "correct answer is. But, I still make mistakes. long sigh

September 11, 2019


Just a normal day is Greece.. A PAROT IN A MARKET JUSTA NORMAL DAY

August 29, 2019


Don't hit the angry parrot!

September 6, 2019


I get the sense that, if this course was designed as a committee.... The person who nade this section is the crazy one. Great grammar, decent teacher, and maybe drunk half the time.

September 3, 2019


I was just thinking that. I do NOT like whoever came up with the Latin forms for "New York" and other non-words.

September 9, 2019


'York' and 'New York' are proper nouns, rather than a 'non-words' and there happen to be a correct and accepted Latin version which is surely why the contributors have used this to the satisfaction of all those familiar with these places.

September 13, 2019


Just because he's voiced by Gilbert Gottfried doesn't mean the parrot is always angry--he just sounds that way!

September 10, 2019


Couldn't iuvenis be translated as [male] teenager? What age is implied in the expression?

September 6, 2019
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