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"Fortasse libros nostros velitis."

Translation:Perhaps you all would like our books.

August 29, 2019



Why must we have the all in here? It has not been compulsory in other plural you sentences. I know that you all / y'all is common parlance in some American states, but it is not used in all forms of English, generally.

Issue reported.


I have also reported it. English has a singular form of "you" but "thou" is seldom used now. "You all" is used in America to make it clear that you are talking to everyone not only one person but it is not used anywhere else and even in America it seems to be falling out of favour.


I've been adding 'all" whenever the tile appears (and it's appropriate) just to avoid losing points, it would be good to stop.

Point of info: 'Thou" is formal 'you', 'Thee' is informal, 'Ye' is plural. Shall we attempt to reintroduce them? ;o)



"Thou" was the second person nominative singular.

"Thee" was the second person objective singular.

"Thou asked me a question" but, "I asked thee a question."


Not a bad idea for translating 'tu'. Much better than 'you all' .


Just (only 10 hours after reporting :o) ) I have received an email saying that all is no longer compulsory.

Hurrah for the Contributors!

[Note: there will be a delay before the DL elves make it happen on the site]


while I see the possible difference, would prefer be acceptable for like?


It still blew me away for not typing "all" in the reply


That sounds like a threat. "Oh, so you students don't like the movie? Perhaps you all would like our books about the subject instead.".


In English, "would like" can mean "want" or "desire" (Would you like some bread?), as well as "would take pleasure in" or "would enjoy". Does velim have both these shades of meaning in Latin also? All the other examples I have seen appear to be of the "desire" variety: Panem velim.


Why not "Maybe you want our books"?

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