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"He surely does not live in Rome?"

Translation:Num Romae habitat?

August 29, 2019



Num Romae habitat could also mean, "She surely doesn't live in Rome." What's the subject pronoun "he," if we need to clarify?


You would probably use is. Num is Romae habitat.


I wrote "Num is Romae habitat?" and it was marked wrong. I'm reporting it.


I wrote "Num is habitat Romae" and was marked correct, Aug 19, 2020.


Same problem here. :þ


Is "num" a discourse marker to express incredulity?


Yes, 'num' is basically 'surely not!!'


It marks that the person asking expects a negative answer.


Why does "Ei num Romae habitat?" not work? The subject wasn't clarified so the statement wouldn't make any sense if said in the real world.


ei would have to be is. num also tends to be at the start of a sentence.


But, the subject is non needed? - I type: Num ille non in Romae habitat? And it was wrong - I don't get it...


The non shouldn't be there. The negation in the English is implied by num in the Latin.


No teaching here.... for relative novices we just have to guess. I'm going back to my books and will use this just for pronunciation. Very disappointing!


That's duolingo's method across the board, though. You guess, get it wrong, and then (hopefully) get it right next time. I haven't seen studies on whether this method is better or worse than the "teach first, then drill" method, but, for better or worse, it's the pedagogy you sign up for when you start any duolingo course.


There is teaching, but it may not be obvious. Depending on when and what you're using, there may be a box labeled "TIPS", or there may be a lightbulb icon, or maybe something else, just before you start the practice session.

In the introduction to this section, they covered the word "num" and the locative case, which are the tricky parts of this sentence.

It's worth looking for the tips, though they may be behind an obscure icon.


"Num Romae habitat?" if you answer "Yes" does it mean he does live in Rome, or does it then mean he doesn't live in Rome?

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