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  5. "في هٰذِهِ الْصّورة"

"في هٰذِهِ الْصّورة"

Translation:in this picture

August 29, 2019



I take it that Suura of "picture" is the same as the chapters od the Qur'an?

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Picture = صورة (cúrah) - I like to use "c" here instead of S or SS.
Chapter from Quran = سورة (súrah).

The sound of "c" here is supposed to be a velar "S" sound, somewhat something close to the German ß. It's a "S" sound with lot of air (the chamber inside the mouth becomes bigger and fills with air to say this sound).

And by the way, there is an "edit" button to edit your post after posting it.


Thank you very much for clearing things up! Now that I am using the browser on my phone I can see the edit button. I guess the Android or app version on my tablet are outdated. Thanks anyway!

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Most welcome.


Btw Duolingo we please need either an edit option for comments or at least the possibility to copy comments so that typos can easily be fixed.


Do you put a "the" on the noun after "this" or is "هذه صورة" also correct?

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Depends on what are you trying to say:

  • This is A picture: هذه صورة.
  • This picture: هذه الصورة.
  • This is THE picture: هذه هي الصورة.

Notice how the definite article (AL) plays the role here in switching the meaning.

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