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Latin on iPad?

I discovered the new Latin course while perusing the forum on my iPad (using Safari browser). I tried out the online version and loved it, and happily saw that the app on my iPhone had automatically added the course to my list of languages. However Latin the course doesn't appear in my iPad app, and there is no update available. Just wondering when will I be able to do Latin in the iPad app?

Edit: my mistake, it’s not available on my iPhone yet either, I must have dreamt that one!

August 29, 2019



Please, be patient!
It's far too expensive to release the beta version of a new course in both www.duolingo.com and in the Apps.

Everyone can use the Latin course in the browser of their phone or tablet.

I don't have any issues by using my cheap and small phone
(Android v7.1.1 + latest version of the Firefox browser).


I had it in the Android (8) App yesterday, then it disappeared and now it is available again. I think this is due to the beta status: we just have to wait some time until it is stable.


Aha, that would explain why I thought it was on the iPhone version of the app and then it wasn't !


It doesn't appear on my android app. Disappointed about that.

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