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"Architectus balneum construit."

Translation:The architect builds the bathhouse.

August 29, 2019



You need to add "novum" for it to rwad "the architect builds the new bath"


We fixed this days ago in the incubator… sometimes these changes take a long time to trickle through :(


Ah, OK -- thanks for pointing this out. I was very confused to see "new" in the answer that was not included in the question.

Great course; I really love it. :-)


I must mention that listening exercises are super easy in Latin. Even when enthusiasts complain about wrong long and short vowels and inaccurate v or w. The pronunciation just makes sense, unlike many (almost? all? definitely excluding Hungarian) European languages that shifted the consonants and vowels in the past centuries so much that there are either bad or just horrible situations in the writing.


Is a bathhouse an extension of a tub?


I think you need to read this article to understand: https://en.wikipedia.org/s/wiki/Thermae In short: thermae, or balnea were Roman buildings built for bathing and related activities. They were supplied with heated water taken from the adjacent river.


Architects don't build, they design.

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