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Prosody (accents)

Hey guys, thank you for the course, I dreamed about it for several years. What about types and rules of accents? So far I see no indications in the lessons.

Regards Andrey

August 29, 2019

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There are consistent rules for accenting words, but you would need to know about vowel length in order to determine exactly where the accent is in any word, and vowel length is not taught here either.

Main rule is that the second to last syllable is stressed. So, in two-syllable words, the first is stressed. However, if a word has three or more syllables, and the second to last syllable is short, the third to last syllable is stressed.

If you add a clitic to the end of the word, such as -ne or -ve, the accent has to be on the syllable right before that clitic, as that makes it long.

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