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  5. "They are not bad."

"They are not bad."

Translation:Mereka tidak buruk.

August 29, 2019



Why is "mereka tidak jelek" wrong?


I believed jelek means ugly...


I found this explanation online: ‘Jelek’ is often used when you talk about inanimate or intangible objects and when ‘buruk’ or ‘jahat’ doesn’t fit the context. Note that if you’re trying to say that a book is bad (not necessarily ugly) you can’t combine this adjective straight away with the noun because it will most likely mean ugly instead of bad.


It can be used in slang to refer to a person. I personally haven't encountered jelek being used in any context aside from slang, but I am not a native speaker. That is what I was told by my instructors who are native speakers when I asked them about the word jelek.


Very happy to see "Mereka lumayan" as an acceptable answer! Nice work....lumayan banget


Shouldn't "mereka tidak jahat" also be accepted?


I think it should


I really wish English had an equivalent of "Lumayan" it is a great word. "Pretty Good" is as close as I can find, but Lumayan is richer. "Lumayan mahal" = "sort of expensive" "pretty expensive".....lot's of great uses of Lumayan

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