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  5. "Marcus habitat in America."

"Marcus habitat in America."

Translation:Marcus lives in America.

August 29, 2019



Does it mean America as in the continent or does it refer USA?


Knowing Duolingo probably refers to the USA


In Duolingo refers to USA. I suppose the neologism in Latin refers to the New World, like in Persea americana (scientific name of avocado) or this example https://la.wikipedia.org/wiki/America


America was named after an italian cartographer called Amerigo Vespuccio back in the XVII century, the United States of America, only refers to a set of states united through a federation in the american continent.


So THAT'S where we get the English word "habitat" from!


shouldn't the verb be at the end to follow the standard latin word order?


Some languages will chande like that i think


Why would this be "in America" rather than "in Americam"?


In Americam would mean into America


I believe americam means american but i cant be sure because i have onky been studying a day or two


Some people may feel offended by this comment, but someone had to say it: the United States are NOT the center of the world.
We are learning here a EUROPEAN language, that was dead outside the churches when the USA was created, and yet, out of 60 words I've learned so far, 6 are related to 1 single country: Boston, Philadelphia, New York, California, America, American (that's 1 of every 10 words, or 10%).
Wouldn't it make much more sense to use the names of cities that already existed in Roman times and still exist today? Or to learn how to say "Roman" or even "Italian", before learning how to say "American"?


I totally agree, sir.


would it be possible to place the verb at the end of the sentence? is there any difference? Marcus in America habitat


There's no difference (except insisting on some words rather than other ones), every word orders are ok, the most common is the verb at the end.


What does america have to do with latin? Wtf


I wanted to comment this too, it is just weird that they edit the names to fit the language and not the places


Ma Drane has a point. However, my confusion is as to why the voice actor is speaking in an American English accent rather than sounding even close to Native, despite Latin being considered a dead language.


I think we might want to stop criticizing duolingo if we are not experts on latin ourselves


America ist wunderbar!


I put Marcus lives in American and did not see I put American it was supposed to be America.

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